arpina: Alps, craftsmanship and innovation

As pioneers, we developed the first mini trampolines, which impress not only with their high functionality, but also as aesthetic pieces of furniture. This innovation promotes accessibility and continuity of training in the long term.

Using technology, craftsmanship and design, we provide our customers with a path to high-quality training that lasts.

Keep going

We develop furniture that is highly functional, aesthetic and durable. We manufacture individual models according to customer requirements using traditional craftsmanship.

The principle of inventiveness:

Our journey began with dissatisfaction with conventional training equipment that does not stand the test of time beyond our good intentions.

Mini trampolines offer a potential for fun and exercise that no other device can offer. Highly functional and aesthetically designed as a piece of furniture, they become a central element in any living space.

Do what makes sense

The most valuable things in life are not things.

find solutions

that last.

Choice of material

that corresponds to us humans.


which serves the result.

The promise to the next generation:

Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall. We use partnerships in our environment and use resources responsibly.

  • Use of renewable materials and materials within the circular economy.
  • We only build sensible and long-lasting products.
  • We work with social institutions as often as possible.

About Us

We have been committed to developing high-quality trampolines for over a decade.

The focus is on tangible features that really increase effectiveness and user loyalty. And that works offline.

We combine function, design and durability with fine craftsmanship and natural materials.