Designer's Note

Movement as accessible as possible

Part of a healthy lifestyle is sufficient quality exercise; encouraging it makes sense.

A highly functional mini trampoline offers unparalleled training enjoyment and exceptionally high effectiveness. This applies to a wide range of training goals and for people of all ages.

Aesthetic and timeless pieces of furniture are present and, in the case of arpina, they provide access to living spaces where personal attention is reliably drawn to the very close, motivating movement.

Furniture requires a careful choice of materials that do justice to the natural, aesthetic and functional contact with people. Solid wood is unrivalled in this regard. The function and stability of the training device benefit from it, as well as the natural sensory input that is good for us humans.

It is well researched scientifically that trampolines are good for your health. What is less obvious, however, is what exactly makes a good trampoline. There is a wide range of products on offer and not every product delivers what it promises. We have focused our attention on every functional detail that we know of - and over a decade of development work has resulted in many such details.

What ultimately counts is an inspiring experience that convinces people without the need for many words. The arpina Treebounder is the first and only piece of training furniture of its kind and therefore an important, serious contribution to a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Silvan Schwarz

Amden, 23 February 2024