Gain quality of life

The first training device for home training that lasts. Made from natural materials in Switzerland.

Natural materials

Materials that strengthen the body and relax the mind.

The Circle of Trust: the Treebounder

What really keeps us going: ourselves.

No online subscriptions, just spontaneous training in the comfort of your own home.

Training: weightless

Experience motivating progress through mini trampoline - typical joy, attention and individual, handmade design.

Good vibrations

Expect a lot. The patent-pending "NURGUMMI" suspension system lets you truly experience weightlessness.

Quality of life that lasts

The most direct access to sport imaginable: present and aesthetic design and maximum functionality lead to continuous training and sustainable success.

Quality of life - design

arpina creates highly functional objects from natural and durable materials. To promote a healthy and positive lifestyle, we combine design and function to the optimum.